About Us

BAM! PR and Marketing is a full service brand management group that specializes in working with professional athletes. We are much more than a typical marketing company. Our process combines  Public Relations and marketing services while maintaining a strong relationship and interaction with each of our clients and their local communities. Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management to professional athletes who want to maximize their potential on and off their sports playing field.

How It Started

BAM! PR and Marketing was initially founded to increase community awareness by utilizing professional athletes and their philanthropic endeavors. Much of our success has been due to a mixture of brilliant innovation, adept management, and unmatchable client service.  Our clients are our top priority. 


We believe our athletes can transcend their popularity, visibility and resources into areas far greater than their athletic endeavors. We challenge each of our clients to maximize their long term possibilities, recognize their unique position and give back to the communities that helped support them in their athletic career.

Services we provide

At BAM! we believe the key to long-term successful career management begins with the establishment of strong relationships. Our team of consultants and researchers procure opportunities for our clients with companies, businesses and brands at the local, regional, national, and international levels. 

BAM! distinguishes itself from the rest by our commitment to personalized client service and our creative brand development approach while utilizing the strong relationships we have built with various companies, businesses, and brands throughout the globe.

BAM! specializes in the following areas:

  • Full Public Relation and image management services

  • Contract negotiations for marketing and product endorsement services

  • Nonprofit/Foundation Organization setup and operation services

  • Website/smartphone application development

  • Youth camp development

  • Financial Advising